Cold Love

It came in with the winter,

It was cold, dark, and beautiful,

You claimed it was love,

Somehow I loved all of it.

The cosy couch near the fireplace,

The snow and the snowflakes,

They all were like Christmas to me.

How can someone not love Christmas?

My gardens were decorated with snow.

Somehow snow overshadowed the beauty of everything else.

Time passed by and the season changed,

It was the sweet spring.

There were new buds turning into flowers,

There was the sun and the sunshine,

The pretty butterflies were dancing again to the tunes of the birds,

Somehow even I couldn’t stop dancing to their tunes.

And there still was love.

Time passed by and the season changed,

It was the moody summer again.

There were fireflies heating everything.

The tree branches balanced too many fruits.

The sunlight brought in other birds and insects,

My world was full of sound,

Somehow the sound overshadowed my voice.

And there still might have been love.

Time passed by and the season changed,

It was the wise cruel rain,

It washed away the memories,

The drops cleared the disillusions.

Thunder came and all the pieces fell,

Lightning broke the puzzle apart.

Somehow I managed to control the flood.

And there was no love.

It came in with the rain.

It was wise, cruel and harsh.

I would love to claim that it is ‘Reality’,

It showed me that winter had done enough damage.

There were cracks in my windows because of the cold.

These cracks didn’t let me see what your love did,

It killed the butterflies I knew,

They danced differently than the ones Spring had brought.

I caught a cold and I am still working with the remedy.

Such a cold season would never harm me again.

Somehow I won’t let snow overshadow anything else, ever again.


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