Cold Love

It came in with the winter, It was cold, dark, and beautiful, You claimed it was love, Somehow I loved all of it. The cosy couch near the fireplace, The snow and the snowflakes, They all were like Christmas to me. How can someone not love Christmas? My gardens were decorated with snow. Somehow snow…

Freckled Cheeks and Long Blond Hair

They see her Freckled cheeks always blushing Long blond hair always dancing And delicate hands always tangled in yours But behind closed doors it is another story Behind closed doors it is a different scenery

Freshly Bloomed Flower

When a girl tells you she loves you, Hand her a freshly bloomed flower For when left alone and untouched It will lose its power It will wither Just like her love It will diminish But only a little faster


In all his beauty, He was nothing more but a tool Waiting to shatter her fragile heart And set a spark to the most heart throbbing poetry


In all her glory She was nothing less but an artwork Stung by a bee

Fire and the Marshmallows

She thought of the fire and the marshmallows Then of her melting in his arms And lastly of their loved ones setting them on flames

You Got What You Chased

Spring came And the roses bloomed The sun shone brightly As I held your hand tightly We ventured into the unknown You saw something and ran Leaving my hand still swinging in mid-air I smiled when I saw you childishly plucking plums And when you looked back you blushed Cheeks smoother than the fruit you…

You’re Not the Dragon

As she looks in the mirror at the bruise under her right eye Her eyes thoroughly scan the room As if the emptiness of it could give her away And when she sits on the cold floor Covered with towels that blush Tired, in a hushed voice She aimlessly repeats You’re not the dragon You’re…


You say you love it when I smile, You say it not in a way that makes me tingle with joy But in a way that brushes my soft unharmed hands with thorns Instead of getting butterflies that make me blush I get a lump in my throat That rushes tears in my eyes Tears…

An Army Waiting Ahead

Of all the pretty scenarios The only one playing in my head Is of the day I see you again But there’s an army waiting ahead It’s powerful and frightening Their hearts pumping with vengeance And souls burning so harshly That all you see reflecting in their eyes are flames But they forget that our…


It is often our lovely safe homes That give birth to the most astonishing hell Where our bodies burn silently And the fire remains invisible